Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the new official Comus blog, to discuss all things Comus!


Anonymous said...

hello Comus
I discovered"First Utterance" round about 1979 and from the first hearing i knew i had discovered some very special music, there is not a track on that album that is weak, i really enjoy it all and there are many truly emotional moments on the album, I especially enjoy the instrumental part of "The Herald" it ranks right up there for inventive and emotive acoustic guitar playing.
I also very much enjoyed your second album"to keep from Crying" which i feel gets unfair press by being compered to your first album, if it is listened to as a completely different entity, then its musical qualities can be properly appreciated, there are many great tracks and a high standard of musicianship, throughout "panaphony" springs to mind which Bobbie sings so well and so emotively.
I am very sorry to of missed the Melloboat, but will definitely without a doubt buy the DVD when it comes out, and i hope very much that you will venture to the wilds of Kent for a couple of Gigs, in the near future, as i know you have many fans down here.
congratulations on the new Website, it looks great.
and i know im not the only old Psychadelic rocker/prog fan to be very happy to know that Comus are back on the scene. and both of your albums are firm favorites on my CD player
Hope to see you some time soon

Anonymous said...

Hello Comus!

Wow, this is great that you are back! It also happened to me with Van Der Graaf Generator - I discovered their music and after a few months they were reunited after 20 or so years and now they have recorded two more albums!

And now Comus - a band that I was thinking no one knows about. Even fans of progressive rock rarely find these rare/obscure albums if they don't dig deeper. My first impressions of the album First Utterance were like - you must have been in a forest on psychedelic drugs, forgetting the year you were living in. It was hard to listen until I started to get deeper and deeper into the wonderful strangeness of the album, now I love it!

Keep going!

Your fan from Latvia (one of the 8 or so people in my country who know about Comus. But I'm recommending your album to everyone who loves music beyond traditional borders!)

deepinder said...

I first heard Comus in 1981 when I bought a copy of the Dawn Takeaway concert, the sampler LP of their record label. It is quite possibly the best sampler album released, and that is at a time when all the major labels had their 'freaky' in house labels, and the quality of the acts were consistantly high. My favourite tracks are Song to Comus, Malachite, Weather or not,I put a spell on you,Three-forty-eight,where fortune smiles,tuesday evening and One bass hit by the Be Bop Preservation society. Oh,err, thats all the tracks on the LP. What a great evening for 99p. Its a wonder that a troubling of the charts did not occur, but there has always been a conspiracy that the Majors were practising Tax loss accounting!