Tuesday, January 5, 2010

British Film Institute release ' Permissive' with Comus soundtrack and bit-parts.

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year.

I have a bit of good news to start 2010, and that is that the British Film Institute. no less, are releasing a film called 'Permissive' for which Comus did the soundtrack, way back in 1970. This was directed by Canadian Lindsay Shonteff, and is a fascinating slice of pretty near to the truth life of musicians and youth of the time. We can vouch for it - we were there. As well as the soundtrack, the band appear in a scene in the film, playing at a party, and there is even a shot of Roger and myself in what could almost be described as a 'bit part'! Personally, I think the soundtrack works really well, especially in the girls' fight scene. The release date is 25th January, and it will be available on DVD and Blu Ray at approximately £18 and £23 respectively. We'll give you details of where to purchase it nearer the time.

Yet another piece of news is that we plan to do a bit of recording soon - some new stuff, and although things move slowly with Comus, we will keep you posted.