Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rise Up Original Fans

Okay, you all know that we have been around for a very lonnnnnnng time! With the six of us ranging from dedicated health freak through equally dedicated carnivore (guess who that is folks!) to myself who is grateful for finding a pulse in the morning (or afternoon) and has a modicum of brain-activity, it is a near miracle that the original members are all still fit and well emough to rock-an'-roll, or should I say rock-an'-prog .... I dunno.

Just recently we had a fantastic mail from a guy who had seen us live in 1971. It was great to read the thoughts of someone who had been there in our "formative" years and be made aware of the impression that we had made on him. So it got me thinking that there must be at least a few if not many original, still rock-an'-progging, fans out there in the big wide world.

So if you saw us in the pre-wrinkly days when we all had as much hair on our heads as we we had on our faces (apart from Bobbie of course, who never went in for beards and moustaches!), then please let us know your thoughts, good or bad! Where did you see us? Who were we supporting? Did you see us more than once? Anything - jog our memories - it would be great to hear from you!

Catch you later,


Anonymous said...

I am really happy to hear that Comus is back. Its a pitty that I am not old enough to remember you play in 1971. I was born 15 years later. By the way I found some reviews on the internet three years ago about the First Utterance album and I was surprised. It was my first contact with Comus music. I had been searching over the internet to get some information about the band and this album from that day. But because it was rarity I was not succesful. I though that maybe one day your album will be more popular and I will find some information and photos. And now I realize that you are going to play again. So I wish you the best and a lot of nice ideas in your music.

One Question?
- maybe I did not notice - When I am listening your first album I can see some conections between songs. I mean lyrics! I consider the whole album to be one story? But in different arragement of your songs. Am I wrong?

Sorry for my English!

Good Luck from Slovakia!

Comus said...

It is a good observation Lukas, but not entirely correct. Each one of the songs on First Utterance is a seperate story in itself although they explore similar themes of madness, murder, and all things dark and horrific! Two of the songs, "Diana" and "Song To Comus" relate directly to the mythical character Comus from which our name was taken, and you could perhaps make connections to him with the other songs, but the album was never intended to be a concept album.

Thanks for your comments and your English is fine by the way! We are very pleased to have fans in your part of the world.

All the best,

marshlander said...

First Utterance was one of those albums we used to listen to at school when we were supposed to be "studying privately" (1971-1973). I've been on the lookout for it for years and finally managed to buy the 2-cd set. It's great to hear it again. Welcome back and best wishes for the new projects.

Colin B said...

I saw Comus in (about) 1971, playing at the Police Headquarters (oddly!) in Coventry. It was on the 'Penny Tour', featuring a number of bands, with, as I recall, the 'headline' rotating. You played with Demon Fuzz & Asgard that night. I was blown away by the music and had a brief chat with Roger afterwards. Bought First Utterance (still have it, though a it is a bit knackered now!) and have continued to play it over the years). Great to hear you are back, and that so many new prog bands are about nowadays, having been influenced by the 70's bands.
Gigs in the UK please!

Unknown said...

Hi i saw you in 1970 at Southampton Guildhall during the penny concerts with Colosseum and Audience i think. You were they band everybody talked about as you completely blew us away. I lived in a commune at the time you and Amon Duul were the most played unfortunately your L.P. was stolen at a party ,but managed to get a CD recording to listen too. Great news you're playing again, just moved from Birmingham to Ayr so any chance of a gig in Glasgow.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I have just got back from seeing my bother Paul at our local pub, where he told me of this website, and I just had to come and look it up .. I can’t tell you how knocked out I am that you have reformed and got all this going!!! .. I have been talking about a band called Comus for years and only met a few people who knew about you.

I still have the copy of First Utterance that I bought in 1972 and it is in near perfect condition .. I saw you play at Ewell Tech, Surrey, in ’71 and you blew me away! .. and I fell in love with Bobby and dreamt of her for weeks! (well I was 16!) .. you were supporting none other than Deep Purple and Genesis!! .. I have repeated this story to several people and they just look at me disbelievingly.. but I swear it’s true and it would be so good if someone could back me up on this! ... I even bought a poster after the gig ... it was about 4 feet wide and 3 feet high and I’m certain that I have a photo of it somewhere. It was printed in black and purple and had a VW beetle leaping out from the centre .. I’ll never forget that poster as it was on my bedroom wall for months .. it said “Doors open 7:30, Price 40p (8/-0)” .... 8 shillings!!!

It was a fantastic gig and I loved every minute of it .. I remember that one of the band members couldn’t make it that night .. I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember who, but all that seems to come up is something about South Africa(?????) does that mean anything? .. but I remember so well seeing Roger and Glen playing the best acoustic guitar stuff I had ever heard and just not wanting it to stop.. I even went out and bought an old broken 12 string that had fallen off the wall in a guitar shop for £2 because I loved the sound that you both made ...... and Bobby singing The Herald ... that song still haunts me .. the music that you all made was something I had never heard before, the most amazing stuff.

I wish I could come and watch you all play in the USA .. I’ll have to buy a lottery ticket or something... or maybe sell my copy of First Utterance ??!! .. what a dilemma?!!

I wish you all the very best of luck with the tours and look forward to seeing you when you arrange something in the UK.

Mark M

Pit master said...

I have seen you too. Trent Park College, Cockfosters on the Penny Tour. Changed my thoughts on music.
Then at the Marquee up close. ANd thirdly I trailed down to Bromley. Somewhere round there. Theatre.
Got seated. You started and then there was a power failure. Black out. You dithered and we waited. The violin played Dr Findlay's Casebook. And you did an acoustic set!!!! How brave. How quiet. Troopers.
I have stayed loyal and patient.
Living now in Japan for 10 years where your CDs are ever present.
I teach Drama and used Comus music in the school play this year. FAUSTUS. Very appropriate. 12 yr olds humming Comus.
Sublime. You were and are an exceptional band.
Come to the floating kingdom please.