Friday, December 5, 2008

Red Square - noises to make and do........

Hello Comus people...
Just wanted to let you know that Jon Seagroatt, Comus's newest member (woodwind and percussion) and his alt band, Red Square, have a new album out on FMR Records called 'Thirty Three'.
The material on the album was originally recorded over thirty years ago, but was considered so extreme at the time that no label would release it. Jon has re-mixed and re-mastered the recordings for FMR, and the band so enjoyed trawling through the reels of tape to choose album tracks that they decided to re-form.
If an elemental, genre-defying cocktail of abstract noise terror, avant-rock and outer-limit free-jazz rampaging is where you wig out, then you might like to pay a finger-snapping visit to and hear Red Square laying it down!
PS A short montage of newly recorded Red Square material is also now downloadable from the band's site.


Unknown said...

Hello. I'd REALLY LOVE to see the lyrics to "Figure in Your Dreams."
I can't get enough of that song, and i'd like to know that i'm hearing each word correctly!
Thank yoU!

DaveyComus1982 said...

Like wise Mavis, i have it on repeat as im typin lol Ever find them ????