Tuesday, January 5, 2010

British Film Institute release ' Permissive' with Comus soundtrack and bit-parts.

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year.

I have a bit of good news to start 2010, and that is that the British Film Institute. no less, are releasing a film called 'Permissive' for which Comus did the soundtrack, way back in 1970. This was directed by Canadian Lindsay Shonteff, and is a fascinating slice of pretty near to the truth life of musicians and youth of the time. We can vouch for it - we were there. As well as the soundtrack, the band appear in a scene in the film, playing at a party, and there is even a shot of Roger and myself in what could almost be described as a 'bit part'! Personally, I think the soundtrack works really well, especially in the girls' fight scene. The release date is 25th January, and it will be available on DVD and Blu Ray at approximately £18 and £23 respectively. We'll give you details of where to purchase it nearer the time.

Yet another piece of news is that we plan to do a bit of recording soon - some new stuff, and although things move slowly with Comus, we will keep you posted.



Elisa said...

Dear Comus' member, My name is Elisa, I'm from ROME. (ITALY)
This morning I left home racing because I was in late to meet my friend at the bus stop, that is the only bus from my country to the central station in Rome at 11 am.
I have not washed, I got dressed with the rope of last night, a shirt that smelled of cigarettes and sweat. When you go to see a concert and you're the only person who does not smoke, is a risk to go home and not seems like a toxic.
Fortunately, no one was home, and I've escaped the umpteenth lecture from my mother.
Once in Rome, I spent a good 2 hours in a music shop very stocked. I needed a new bass guitar, because the Framer that I use weighs like a coffin (with the corpse inside).
And guess what? I palyed the intro of "Diana". I thought: "-if this bass makes me as excited as the opening notes of that song, I'll buy it. "
I tried 26 guitars. Many names and many models.
I took a Yamaha RBX 270. Not a masterpiece you know, but it sounds great.
I left a deposit. Next week I'll go to pick it, I hope to wake up early.
I went home and on the table I saw a rectangular pack, .. I discarded it, and .. Oh, fuck, the << DVD of Comus live at the Melloboat 2008. >>
I have it in front of my eyes, and I look forward to hearing you and seeing you at least on video.
But I think I'll have to restrain myself, because I broke the balls to my friend until he has finally become aware of your handiwork. And then I want to see for the first time with him.
I moved when I hear "Song to Camus. I moved when I hear the ancestral drums on "Diana". I have known you 4 years ago thanks to that song.
Even remember why I downloaded your album .. I was setting with folk at the time, and so I documented and behold your name.
I do not know if I'll see you at the festival in Holland in April .. I apologize, but of all those groups I only know you, and my friend lives in Lisbon. I think it will be impossible to find anyone crazy like a horse ready to accompany me to see only one group. Unfortunately.

I hope and pray that you may come to Italy to play, sooner or later. But even a concert in Europe I would still like me enough that not too far from Italy. Today a girl should be afraid to leave home, let alone travel to a foreign nation by itself. .. very dangerous you know.

I love you. Spread the word among the band
Elisa loves all of you. THANK YOU COMUS

Comus said...
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