Saturday, December 19, 2009

To Our American Friends

We often get asked why we have not come to the U.S. since our reformation, and when we intend to make the trip, so this is just to let you all know where we stand on this issue at the moment.

You might be aware that we are self-funded and have limited resources. After 35 years of “separation” we all live far apart, not all of us even in the same country, and all the money that we earn from selling merchandise is ploughed back into funding rehearsals. To fund a working trip to The States we would first need visas, and it actually costs several thousand dollars just to prepare the huge volume of paperwork required to apply as performing musicians. Even after this complicated procedure is completed it does not guarantee our entry, as the U.S. authorities have it in their right to disqualify Comus as not being “culturally significant” enough to perform to the American public. That includes our many fans! Add the cost of air-fares for at least 7 people and we would already need several gigs to cover our expenses alone. As it stands U.S. promoters would have to be convinced that we would draw enough of an audience to make even a modest fee affordable. Another option is touring with a currently more high-profile band, possibly as part of a package, but unless we can find the resources to play in the U.S. it is just not financially viable at the moment. Presently our priority is to write and record new material - a process that is well underway. When that proves successful then we will look forward to realising expectations and traveling further afield to perform.

We thank you for your patience,


Anonymous said...

A tour with US band Espers would be fitting and a great idea:

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it's better that your writing new material...But if you guys had to tour with anyone I'll bet Opeth would be honored for that chance!